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“In this world it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.” ‐ Henry Ward Beecher

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Types of sentences

Learn to know the difference between type of sentences you use while talking to people. Also improve your tone and way of talking and convey messages effectively! Read more »

French words used in English

Using French words while talking in English is not new. French has been a part of English language for a very long time now. Learn these and add them to your vocabulary. Read more »

Difference between Voice and Speech in Grammar

English learners may get confused between the use of these two topics and end up making mistakes. Read this short article to help yourself and improve your language. Read more »

Ten most beautiful words in English

English might be confusing and for some people even difficult. But it is also a language with many beautiful words. Here are some of the words in English language that are considered as beautiful because of their meanings. Read more »
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Vocabulary Video Challenge

School students in India are invited to create a short video to teach or help understand any of the words that we have featured in our Word of the Day column in last few years. The submission dates are from 1st December 2022 to 8th January 2023.

Indian Language Synonyms

We are thrilled to share with you that we now provide Indian language synonyms in over a dozen Indian languages. For any English word that you search, the dictionary result pages now provide a list of Indian language synonyms along with the English language synonyms. This feature makes it easier to relate the Indian language words with the corresponding English language words and the general concept.

Document and file translation

We have been working on advancing the translation features that we offer to our users. Today, we are delighted to share that you can now translate documents between English and Indian languages. To use it, visit the translation page, upload the document, and within a few seconds, the translated document will be available for download.

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