Help on using this site

Is it possible to download this dictionary?

Yes, this dictionary is available for download via mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms.

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Can I buy print edition?

This dictionary is currently available for online use only. Print edition is not planned at present.

How to contribute?

We invite you to participate in improving this dictionary and in creation of the best English/Hindi dictionary in the world. Your contribution will add to the vocabulary of the dictionary and will benefit other users. The contribute system provides a collaborative interface to improve the dictionary by sharing the knowledge of our users. Interested users can suggest translations. These suggestions are then opened to other users for voting and for corrections and improvements. When 10 votes are received by a submission, it is assumed to be correct and is added to the dictionary. When a submission is edited by other user, it is also opened for voting. Eventually, the correct translation will receive enough votes and that will become part of the dictionary. Over time, we believe that it will help in the growth of dictionary and ensure quality at the same time.

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How to enter Hindi meaning in contribute form?

You can enter hindi meaning by typing the hindi word in English if you are using the transliteration facility. This facility is provided so that you can enter Hindi text without requiring special software.

There are few things to note. Hindi text entry will work properly only on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

If you need more help, please send us email.

Can I get some search tips?

Here are some search tips:

  • Type the search query and press ENTER key. You need not click on the Search Dictionary button to start search.
  • You can use Unicode Hindi to search Hindi words. If the search fails,try to use fragments of the word. That might be useful if there is a spelling mismatch.
  • If searching multiple words, try to search individual words. That is more reliable than searching a phrase.