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पूर्ण, परिपूर्ण , सर्वांगीण, विस्तृत, सर्वग्राही, पूरी, व्यापक, सुविस्तृत, थकाने वाला, सोखने वाला

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Quote of the Day

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” ‐ Chinese Proverb

“जो कहता है कि कोई काम किया नहीं जा सकता, उसे चाहिये कि करने वाले को रोके टोके नहीं।” ‐ चीनी कहावत

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New Features - Easier navigation and user inputs

SHABKDOSH.COM is world’s leading dedicated Indian languages portal, serving our users for twenty years now. Recently, we have added two new features to improve the usability and usefulness of our dictionary services.

Vocabulary Video Challenge Results

The Vocabulary Video Challenge was our first contest that was open to all schools in India and it was really inspiring to see participation from all over India. Thanks to all the students who participated, and to the parents and school teachers who supported this contest. We are happy to announce the results of this contest today!

World Hindi Day

Greetings to all our users on the occasion of World Hindi Day! We have been serving our users to learn Indian and English language words for last 19 years and hope to keeping doing the same in future!

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