New Features - Easier navigation and user inputs

October 10, 2023 News

SHABKDOSH.COM is world’s leading dedicated Indian languages portal, serving our users for twenty years now. Recently, we have added two new features to improve the usability and usefulness of our dictionary services.

### In-page Navigation
The in-page navigation is displayed in the left sidebar of the page on non-mobile devices, and at the top of the page on mobile screens. It has links to translations, meanings, definitions and more. These links enable you to quickly access the contents within a page. The goal is to help reduce the amount of scrolling and access content faster. By helping reduce a few seconds here and there, we hope to save you time!

### Context menu
We have provided a three-dot icon along side each translation. Clicking on it enables our users to rate a translation, and also access additional audio pronunciations in other accents, or just other voices. Once again, the idea is to help you learn more about a word in an easy and approachable manner.