How to contribute?


We invite you to participate in improving this dictionary and in creation of the best English/Hindi dictionary in the world. Your contribution will add to the vocabulary of the dictionary and will benefit other users. The contribute system provides a collaborative interface to improve the dictionary by sharing the knowledge of our users. Interested users can suggest translations. These suggestions are then opened to other users for voting and for corrections and improvements. When 10 votes are received by a submission, it is assumed to be correct and is added to the dictionary. When a submission is edited by other user, it is also opened for voting. Eventually, the correct translation will receive enough votes and that will become part of the dictionary. Over time, we believe that it will help in the growth of dictionary and ensure quality at the same time.

Thanks for contributions to Dictionary
Thanks for contributions to Dictionary

Here are some of the ways in which you can help this dictionary.

Vote on existing translations that other users have contributed

By voting on an existing translation, you can approve submissions from other users. When the number of votes is at least 10, the entry is considered verified. Users are only allowed to vote once per user and once per computer.

Correct or improve upon the existing entries contributed by other users

Any unverified entry that is already there can be modified to improve it. The modified/edited entry becomes another possible option that people can vote on. Generally, only one of the possible suggested translations will win in the voting process. The winning entry becomes a verified entry in the dictionary. The one that does not win is not open for voting anymore.

Add new entries for words/phrases that are not there in the dictionary at present

You can also start a new entry by entering the English/Hindi translation. When you add a new entry, it is open to other for voting and for editing. When your submission receives at least 10 votes, it becomes part of the dictionary.

Complete Hindi translation for requested entries

There are thousands of words that still need Hindi translation. These words have been searched for but we did not have any proper match on these searches. You can help in completing these entries. When you suggest a translation for any of these, it also is opened for voting by other users. If you decide to help with this effort, we suggest that you register yourself. It takes less than five minutes and will make it possible for you to track the voting process for your contributions.

Finally, we must say that the collaborative system works properly only in an environment of trust. So, we request you to help us achieve that. Needless to say, we do monitor the internet addresses from where activity on the sites originates. At best, any attempt to cause harm to the system will result in blockage of that computer or user. We hope that we will not have to do any of that.

We welcome you to participate in building the collaborative dictionary!