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How to get Hindi to work on computer?

The Hindi text on this site is generated in Unicode (UTF

-8). If you can read the following sentence, then your computer/operating system is unicode compliant and you should not have any problem using this site.

हिन्दी भारत की राष्ट्र भाषा है।

If you cannot view the Hindi sentence above, the following suggestions may be helpful.

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How to use the search on this site?

The search box is a powerful way to search dictionary entries. You only need to type in your query in Hindi or in English. There is no need to use any signs like ‘+’ or "AND" to create search strings. If there is a space in your query, then just give space.

When you perform a search, then the search system looks for an exact match. If it cannot find any match, it tried to seek other matches that may be closely related to your search.

During search, the search engine also looks for words that sound or are spelled similar to your query. On the result page, it shows some of the such words with their translations. You can click on any of these suggested words to see the meaning.

If you wish to know more, please let us know by writing to us.