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Guidelines for Forum Participation

26 Oct 2014 10:46
26 Oct 2014 10:46
Membership is free, just provide a user name, password and E-mail address in the Registration Form.
Filling the form confirms that you agree to the Basic Terms of Use mentioned at the end of Registration Form.

The main aim of creating this Forum is to provide a platform for learning and enhancing the quality of language knowledge of members through mutual interaction and co-operation of willing members.

Submitting a Request
1. Please confirm that your requirement cannot be met with by searching in this online dictionary and on the search platform of this Forum and that it is not a clear or near repetition of similar request of your own or other members of this Forum which has already been attended.
2. Please do not post a request just for getting your home or office work done or for fun or just to test the knowledge of other members who will be voluntarily devoting their valuable time to fulfill your request.
3. Please do not use abusive/offensive language or advertisements/spam, be polite in your language and avoid using short forms or SMS language.
4. Please post in the related forum language section, remain attentive to your request and thank the member who fulfills your request.
5. Please do not consider this platform as free translation service, particularly for official letters/mails/presentations/circulars/communication etc.
6. Your request should necessarily reflect your own efforts, may be incomplete or incorrect. You can only learn when you know your mistakes.
7. Please post your request with a short title matching to contents of your request.
8. Please be specific and clear in making the request so that it is easy to understand for the members who will be attending to your request.
9. Please keep your request short and to the point so that it can attract attention for member participation.
10. Avoid calling out specific members/moderators to help you in the forum. Since this is an open forum, any member is welcome to post a reply to any query.

Reply to or participation in a post
1. Please do not answer or participate in a post if you are not confident about your submission. In case of doubt, please clearly indicate that you not sure. A wrong answer can do more harm to people than no answer at all.
2. Members are encouraged to find and point out mistakes in others’ replies or posts but this should be done in a constructive and friendly manner. Do not be disrespectful to other members.
3. Click ‘Fast Reply’ when you have a short reply without formatting and click ‘Post Reply’ when you want to use formatting. Click ‘Report’ only when you want to report an offensive post/spam etc.
4. When you ‘Quote’ someone’s post, keep only the parts you are directly replying to, from the quoted text block and delete the rest. Mostly you can get away with using “@the person’s username."

1. The member(s), Moderators, Administrator & Owners of this site do not take any responsibility for correctness of the answers, comments, translations etc. provided in this Forum. They are doing this purely to help and there is no liability whatsoever of this site or of other members.
2. To ensure compliance, the posts that violate the rules of participation can get edited or deleted with or without any notification to the member(s).

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