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elicit  |  मेळोवप

The young man tried to elicit the sympathy of the judge by appearing on a wheel chair but he was convicted anyway.

व्हिल चॅराचेर येवन न्यायाधिशाची सहानुभुती मेळोवपाचो यत्न त्या तरणाट्यान केलो पूण तरी आसतना ताका दोशी थारयिल्लो.

felicity  |  सलोखो

Our neighboring couple had a relationship of felicity; we never heard them quarrel.

आमच्या शेजाराक रावपी जोडप्यां भितर सलोख्याचें नातें आशिल्लें; आमी तांकां केन्नाच झगडटना आयकूंक ना.

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