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bereft  |  वियोगी

The kids were bereft by the death of their pet parrot.

आपल्या पोशिल्ल्या किराच्या मरणान भुरगीं वियोगी जाल्लीं.

precipitous  |  उबीं खोल

Tillangchong, situated opposite Car-Nicobar, is a narrow mountainous island with precipitous cliffs, stretching from north-west towards south-east.

कार-निकोबारचे दुसरे वटेन तिलंगचाँग वाठारांत उत्तर-पश्चीम ते दक्षीण-पूर्व मेरेन उब्या खोल कड्यां सयत अशीर दोंगुल्ल्यांचो जुंवो आसा.

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