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mediocre  |  सामान्य

Estha finished school with mediocre results but refused to go to college. - Arundhati Roy, 'The God of Small Things'

एस्थान आपलें शालेय शिक्षण सामान्य निकालान पूर्ण केल्लें पूण ताणें कॉलेजींत वचूंक न्हयकार दिलो. - अरुंधती रॉय, 'द गॉड ऑफ स्मॉल थिंग्स'

dispensable  |  अनावश्यक

As today's young concentrate on making their bread, should they consider political freedom a dispensable distraction? - Shashi Tharoor, 'India, from midnight to millenium'

आयचे युवा आपलें जगपाचें साधन सोदतना, तांणी राजकारणांतल्या स्वातंत्र्याक अनावश्यक अस्वस्थताय समजूंक जाय? - शशि थरूर, 'इंडिया, फ्रॉम मिडनायट टू मिलेनियम'

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