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About our English Gujarati Translation system

This English to Gujarati Translation system is powered by our own machine translation software running on our servers. You can type the text you want to translate in the input text box, and then click on the “Translate” button. The server will then then translate the text your have provided - English word, phrase, sentence, or paragraphs - into Gujarati.

The translation process takes a very short time, generally less than a few seconds, and translates the text in a single request to our server. The translation results are generally very accurate, but not 100% accurate. Our translation system has been designed with a very large amount of English Gujarati translation data. The translation results can give you an overall idea of what the text is about, and with a few modifications, the translation can be quite accurate. Our software is being improved continuously and with your continued support, we will be able to make our neural machine translation for English to Gujarati more accurate. Our languages are very rich, and have a lot of nuances that the computer programs cannot easily understand, but we do hope that with time, the quality will only get better.

Our goal is to work on translation from English and other international languages to Indian languages. We already support twelve Indian languages. Among these, the Gujarati language is the most widely used Indian language in the world. About 60 million people speak Gujarati as their native language. Many of these speakers are less proficient in English, and for them, translating English to Gujarati can be a necessity in order to understand the English text. Like many other websites, we provide service to translate English to Gujarati.

When you translate English text to Gujarati, you can also copy the translated text and then use it on social media, in emails, or in documents. If you have any suggestions, or if you find a major error, please share with us and we will use your feedback to improve our service.

Features of English to Gujarati Translator

Our machine translation system for English to Gujarati offers highly accurate translations between English and Gujarati, very quickly, and at no cost to users.

  • English sentence are translated into Gujarati. For example, “The origin of life is a mystery.” will be translated into “જીવનની ઉત્પત્તિ એક રહસ્ય છે.”
  • Use the translator tool as English to Gujarati dictionary. For example: “life” meaning in Gujarati will be “જીવન” and “familiar” meaning in Gujarati will be “પરિચિત”
  • Powered by SHABDKOSH.COM Neural Machine Translator
  • High Accuracy and instant online Translation
  • Translated text is provided in Unicode Gujarati fonts. Easily copy and paste it anywhere on the web or other applications.
  • Translate PDF, Text, Word documents and Power Point files
  • Translate text in JPG and PNG images
  • Ability to download previously translated documents (login required)
  • Broad support for Indian languages and English

english to gujarati Translation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we download this translation service?

At present, the translation service is only available online. However, if you download the SHABDKOSH Indian Language Dictionary and Translation App, you can perform translation offline or online.