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Word Guess Game

Word Guess is a game where a clue is provided, for which we have to answer a single word. It is not always clear as to what the word can be - so, the game makes us think. By making a guess of the letters in the word, it is possible to find the correct answer. It is best to start with vowels, and then, the consonants. The game allows for a few mistakes, and it also removes many letters that are not in the answer. This is to help you reach the correct answer.

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Synonym and Antonym Word Games

We also have multi-choice games to help build knowledge of synonyms and antonyms. The game provides a word, and asks you to select the similar word or the opposite word. In every game, 10 questions are asked. If you are not able to answer, there is nothing to worry… the game will later ask the same questions again, to help you correct mistakes and learn more.

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