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Question about the declension of some words

11 Jul 2022 16:27

11 Jul 2022 16:27
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11 Jul 2022 16:27

Hi, I have been using this search engine for Sanskrit grammar:, specifically declension, and I was wondering about some results returned by the search.

Indeed, I tried looking for the declension of the Sanskrit words kil and kila and the results are the following:

Many cases in the declension of both words are the same, for example the accusative case is kilam for both kil and kila.

However, by searching in Sanskrit-English dictionaries, it seems that kil is a verb, so it shouldn’t have a declension with cases, and kila is an adverb, which is indeclinable.

So why is this declension search engine reporting these results? Could it refer to another word (a noun, more specifically)?

Also, is kilam a valid Sanskrit word? If so, what is its meaning?