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schools - Meaning in Hindi


Interpreted your input "schools" as "school".

IPA: skulHindi: स्कूल

school - Meaning in Hindi

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school Word Forms & Inflections

schools (noun plural)
schooled (verb past tense)
schooling (verb present participle)
schools (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of schools in English

school noun

  1. a building where young people receive education



    पाठशाला, पाठालय, विद्यालय, स्कूल


    • "he walked to school every morning"
    • "the school was built in 1932"
  2. the process of being formally educated at a school



    तालीम, ...


    • "what will you do when you finish school?"
  3. a large group of fish




    • "a school of small glittering fish swam by"
  4. a body of creative artists or writers or thinkers linked by a similar style or by similar teachers


    • "the Venetian school of painting"
  5. an educational institution


    • "the school was founded in 1900"
  6. an educational institution's faculty and students


    • "the school keeps parents informed"
    • "the whole school turned out for the game"
  7. the period of instruction in a school; the time period when school is in session


    school day, schooltime


    • "he didn't miss a single day of school"
    • "stay after school"
    • "when the school day was done we would walk home together"

school verb

  1. swim in or form a large group of fish


    • "A cluster of schooling fish was attracted to the bait"
  2. educate in or as if in a school


    • "The children are schooled at great cost to their parents in private institutions"
  3. teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment


    civilise, civilize, cultivate, educate, train, train


    • "Cultivate your musical taste"
    • "She is well schooled in poetry"
    • "Train your tastebuds"
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Synonyms of school


A school is both the educational institution and building designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is sometimes compulsory. In these systems, students progress through a series of schools that can be built and operated by both government and private organization. The names for these schools vary by country but generally include primary school for young children and secondary school for teenagers who have completed primary education. An institution where higher education is taught is commonly called a university college or university.

विद्यालय वह स्थान है, जहाँ शिक्षा ग्रहण की जाती है। "विद्यालय एक ऐसी संस्था है, जहाँ बच्चों के शारीरिक, मानसिक, बौद्धिक एवं नैतिक गुणों का विकास होता है। 'विद्यालय' शब्द के लिए अंग्रेज़ी में 'स्कूल' शब्द का प्रयोग होता है, जिसकी उत्पत्ति यूनानी शब्द σχολή से हुई है, जिससे तात्पर्य है- 'अवकाश'। यह अर्थ कुछ विचित्र - सा लगता है। परंतु वास्तविकता यह है कि प्राचीन यूनान में अवकाश के स्थलों को ही विद्यालय के नाम से संबोधित किया जाता था। अवकाश काल को ही 'आत्म -विकास' समझा जाता था। जिसका अभ्यास अवकाश नाम निश्चित स्थान पर किया जाता था। धीरे-धीरे यह अवकाश स्थल एक निश्चित उद्देश्य तथा पाठ्यक्रम का ज्ञान प्रदान करने वाली संस्थाएं अर्थात स्कूल बन गए। भारत में कई स्कूल हैं। देश के स्कूलों की एक छोटी सी सूची यहां लिखी है।

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school systemस्कूल प्रणाली
school districtस्कूल जिला
school systemविद् या लय तंत्र
school studentsस्कूल के छात्र
school childrenस्कूली बच्चों
school libraryस्कूल लाइब्रेरी
school boardस्कूल बोर्ड
school buildingस्कूल भवन
school teachersस्कूल के अध्यापक

What is schools meaning in Hindi?

The word or phrase schools refers to a building where young people receive education, or the process of being formally educated at a school, or a large group of fish, or a body of creative artists or writers or thinkers linked by a similar style or by similar teachers, or an educational institution, or an educational institution's faculty and students, or swim in or form a large group of fish. See schools meaning in Hindi, schools definition, translation and meaning of schools in Hindi. Find schools similar words, schools synonyms. Learn and practice the pronunciation of schools. Find the answer of what is the meaning of schools in Hindi. देखें schools का हिन्दी मतलब, schools का मीनिंग, schools का हिन्दी अर्थ, schools का हिन्दी अनुवाद।

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What is schools meaning in Hindi, schools translation in Hindi, schools definition, pronunciations and examples of schools in Hindi. schools का हिन्दी मीनिंग, schools का हिन्दी अर्थ, schools का हिन्दी अनुवाद

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