History and Background of this site


Credits and Acknowledgements. We express our thanks and gratitude to the people whose work we have to been able to use and build upon for the SHABDKOSH services.

WordNet 3.0 from Princeton University

WordNet by Princeton University. Graphics by SHABDKOSH.COM.

We use WordNet 3.0 database for development of the SHABDKOSH portal. Creation of the English WordNet by Princeton University is a remarkable achievement and we are grateful to be able to use it and build upon it for various elements of the technical and linguistics infrastructure that runs SHABDKOSH. We have used WordNet under the licensing terms of Princeton University.

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Individual Contributors

Several people have helped increase the vocabulary in this dictionary. We gratefully acknowledge their contribution and are thankful to them for permitting us to offer their work to our users.

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WordNet 2.1 from Princeton University

WordNet 2.1 by Princeton University. Graphics by SHABDKOSH.COM.

In the English to Hindi dictionary provided on this site, the efficiency of search is improved by morphological processing on user queries. The morphological processing algorithms have been implemented as described in the WordNet 2.1 documentation. The exception tables (a part of Morphy - WordNet’s Morphological Processor) for nouns, verbs and adjectives are directly used from WordNet 2.1 under the terms of the license shown below.

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Public Domain work of Shri Ram Narain Lal

We started off the dictionary with help from the dictionary compiled by Shri Ram Narain Lal, “Student’s Practical Dictionary”, published in 1936. This work is now in public domain and is also available for download from this website and several other places on the internet.

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