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  1. पहनना
  2. घिसना
  3. चलना
  4. व्यय करना
  5. जीर्ण होना
  6. पहनना
  7. प्रयोग में होना
  8. रूपधरण करना
  9. शरीर परधारण करना
  10. रगड़ना
  11. लिखना


  1. घीस जाना
  2. वस्त्र (m)
  3. इस्तेमाल (m)
  4. घिसा होना
  5. कपड़े
  6. टिकाऊ होना
  7. कपड़े
  8. जवान दिखना
  9. घिसाव
  10. टिकाऊपन (m)
  11. कमजोर होना (m)
  12. पहनाव
  13. रगड़ (f)


  1. घीस जाना
  2. होना
  3. क्षय करना
  4. खा जाना
  5. टिकाऊ होना
  6. अनुमति देना
  7. प्रकट होना
  8. जवान दिखना
  9. थकाना
  10. बनाना
  11. रखना
  12. पुराना होना
  13. भाव होना
  14. घिस जाना
  15. ज़्यादा चलना

Inflected forms

wears (noun plural)
wore (verb past tense)
worn (verb past participle)
wearing (verb present participle)
wears (verb present tense)

Definitions of Wear

Wear - noun
  1. impairment resulting from long use
  2. a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
  3. the act of having on your person as a covering or adornment
Wear - verb
  1. be dressed in
  2. have on one's person
    - bear a scar
  3. have in one's aspect; wear an expression of one's attitude or personality
  4. deteriorate through use or stress
  5. have or show an appearance of
  6. last and be usable
  7. go to pieces
    - The gears wore out
    - The old chair finally fell apart completely
  8. exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress
  9. put clothing on one's body
    - He put on his best suit for the wedding
    - The princess donned a long blue dress
    - The queen assumed the stately robes
    - He got into his jeans

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