torrid - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of torrid

टॉरड / टॉरिड


  1. गरम
  2. गर्म
  3. तप्त
  4. सूखा
  5. बहुत गरम
  6. उत्कट
  7. उमसदार
  8. उष्ण
  9. कठिन

Inflected forms

torrider (adjective comparative)
torridest (adjective superlative)

Definitions and Meaning of torrid in English

torrid - adjective
  1. characterized by intense emotion
    - an ardent lover
    - a fervent desire to change society
    - a fervent admirer
    - fiery oratory
    - an impassioned appeal
    - a torrid love affair
  2. emotionally charged and vigorously energetic
    - torrid jazz bands
    - hot trumpets and torrid rhythms
  3. extremely hot
    - sultry sands of the dessert

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