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Pronunciation of swear



  1. शपथ करना
  2. कसम खाना
  3. पूरा भरोसा रखना
  4. शपथ लेना
  5. दृढ़तापूर्वक कहना
  6. गाली देना
  7. वचन देना
  8. शपथ देना
  9. शपथ से वर्णन करना
  10. सौगन्ध खाना

Inflected forms

swore (verb past tense)
sworn (verb past participle)
swearing (verb present participle)
swears (verb present tense)

Definitions of swear

swear - verb
  1. utter obscenities or profanities
  2. to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true
  3. promise solemnly; take an oath
  4. make a deposition; declare under oath
  5. have confidence or faith in
    - Rely on your friends
    - bank on your good education
    - I swear by my grandmother's recipes

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