superiority - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of superiority

सपीरीऑरिटी / सूपिरीऑरिटी


  1. उच्चता (f)
  2. उत्कृष्टता (f)
  3. गुरुता (f)
  4. प्रधानता (m)
  5. बड़ाई
  6. वरिष्ठता
  7. विशिष्टता
  8. श्रेष्ठता (f)
  9. सुविधा (f)

Inflected forms

superiorities (noun plural)

Definitions of superiority

superiority - noun
  1. the quality of being superior
  2. the quality of being at a competitive advantage
  3. displaying a sense of being better than others
  4. the state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond usual limits

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