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  1. डुबकी
  2. खड़ी ढाल
  3. सीधी ढाल
  4. ओत प्रोत कर देना
  5. आकाश
  6. आसमान


  1. खड़ा
  2. दुरारोह
  3. तर्कहीन
  4. अत्यधिक
  5. अनुचित
  6. खड़ा


  1. भिगोना
  2. तर करना
  3. ओत प्रोत कर देना

Inflected forms

steeper (adjective comparative)
steepest (adjective superlative)
steeps (noun plural)
steeped (verb past tense)
steeping (verb present participle)
steeps (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of steep in English

steep - adjective
  1. having a sharp inclination
    - steep cliffs
  2. greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation
    - extortionate prices
    - spends an outrageous amount on entertainment
    - usurious interest rate
    - unconscionable spending
  3. of a slope; set at a high angle
    - a steep roof sheds snow
steep - noun
  1. a steep place (as on a hill)
steep - verb
  1. devote (oneself) fully to
  2. let sit in a liquid to extract a flavor or to cleanse
    - steep the fruit in alcohol

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