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  1. याचना करना
  2. इच्छा रखना
  3. यौन संबंधों के लिये आग्रह करना
  4. धंधे के लिये लुभाना
  5. प्रेम निवेदन करना
  6. उकसाना
  7. फँसाना
  8. माँगना
  9. मांगना
  10. ललचाना
  11. भड़काना
  12. प्रार्थना करना
  13. विनती करना
  14. इच्छा करना

Inflected forms

solicited (verb past tense)
soliciting (verb present participle)
solicits (verb present tense)

Definitions of solicit

solicit - verb
  1. make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently
    - My neighbor keeps soliciting money for different charities
  2. make amorous advances towards
  3. approach with an offer of sexual favors
    - The young man was caught soliciting in the park
  4. incite, move, or persuade to some act of lawlessness or insubordination
  5. make a solicitation or petition for something desired

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