slap - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of slap



  1. लगाना


  1. थप्पड़ (m)
  2. धौल
  3. थप्पड़ (f)
  4. लापरवाही से लगाना
  5. चपत
  6. तमाचा (m)


  1. सीधे
  2. ठीक


  1. थप्पड़ मारना
  2. पटक देना
  3. तमाचा मारना
  4. धौल मारना
  5. चपत जमाना
  6. लापरवाही से लगाना

Inflected forms

slapper (adjective comparative)
slaps (noun plural)
slapped (verb past tense)
slapping (verb present participle)
slaps (verb present tense)

Definitions of slap

slap - adverb
  1. directly
    - ran slap into her
slap - noun
  1. a blow from a flat object (as an open hand)
  2. the act of smacking something; a blow delivered with an open hand
slap - verb
  1. hit with something flat, like a paddle or the open hand
    - a gunshot slapped him on the forehead

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