relieve - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of relieve

रिलीव / रीलीव


  1. छोड़ना
  2. कार्य मुक्त करना
  3. छोड़ना
  4. मल त्यागना
  5. दूर करना
  6. कम करना
  7. सहायता देना
  8. सहायता करना
  9. शान्ति देना
  10. नौकरी से मुक्त करना
  11. आराम देना
  12. भार मुक्त करना
  13. छुटकारा करना
  14. तसल्ली देना
  15. दुःख दूर करना
  16. हल्का करना
  17. पीड़ा कम करना
  18. उठाना
  19. सेवा से मुक्त करना

Inflected forms

relieved (verb past tense)
relieving (verb present participle)
relieves (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of relieve in English

relieve - verb
  1. provide physical relief, as from pain
  2. free someone temporarily from his or her obligations
  3. grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to
  4. lessen the intensity of or calm
    - still the fears
  5. save from ruin, destruction, or harm
  6. relieve oneself of troubling information
  7. provide relief for
  8. free from a burden, evil, or distress
  9. take by stealing
  10. grant exemption or release to
  11. alleviate or remove (pressure or stress) or make less oppressive
    - lighten the burden of caring for her elderly parents

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