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Pronunciation of recap

रीकैप / रिकैप / रीकैप / रीकैप


  1. संक्षेप में दुहराना
  2. आवृत्ति
  3. पुनरावृति
  4. संक्षिप्त
  5. सार (m)
  6. पुनर्कथन


  1. पूर्वावालोकन
  2. संक्षेप में दुहराना
  3. संक्षेप में दोहराना

Inflected forms

recaps (noun plural)
recapped (verb past tense)
recapping (verb present participle)
recaps (verb present tense)

Definitions of recap

recap - noun
  1. a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion
  2. a used automobile tire that has been remolded to give it new treads
recap - verb
  1. summarize briefly

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