priority - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of priority

प्राइआरिटी / प्राइऑरटी


  1. वरीयता (f)
  2. अग्र गमन
  3. अग्रता
  4. उत्कृष्टता
  5. ज्येष्ठता
  6. पूर्वता
  7. पूर्वाधिकार (m)
  8. प्रथमता
  9. प्रधानता
  10. प्रधान्य
  11. प्राथमिकता (f)

Inflected forms

priorities (noun plural)

Definitions of priority

priority - noun
  1. status established in order of importance or urgency
    - national independence takes priority over class struggle
  2. preceding in time

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