possible - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of possible



  1. सम्भवत
  2. शायद


  1. यथासम्भव
  2. करने योग्य
  3. होने योग्य
  4. मुमकिन
  5. शक्य
  6. संभव
  7. संभाव्य
  8. सम्भव
  9. सम्भाव्य
  10. साध्य
  11. सुलभ

Inflected forms

possibler (adjective comparative)
possiblest (adjective superlative)
possibles (noun plural)

Definitions of possible

possible - adjective
  1. capable of happening or existing
    - anything is possible
    - warned of possible consequences
  2. existing in possibility
    - possible uses of nuclear power
possible - noun
  1. something that can be done
  2. an applicant who might be suitable

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