permutation - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of permutation

पर्म्यटेशन / पर्म्यूटैशन


  1. अदल-बदल
  2. उलट-पलट
  3. क्रमचय (m)
  4. क्रमवय
  5. परिवर्तन
  6. पलटा
  7. विनिमय (m)
  8. प्रस्तार
  9. अमक पाश
  10. क्रम संचय
  11. आमूल परिवर्तन

Inflected forms

permutations (noun plural)

Definitions and Meaning of permutation in English

permutation - noun
  1. an event in which one thing is substituted for another
  2. the act of changing the arrangement of a given number of elements
  3. complete change in character or condition
  4. act of changing the lineal order of objects in a group

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