occur - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of occur



  1. होना
  2. घटित होना
  3. हो जाना
  4. प्रकट होना
  5. घट जाना
  6. पाया जाना
  7. अस्तित्व में होना
  8. आना
  9. घटना
  10. पड़ना
  11. पड़ना

Inflected forms

occurred (verb past tense)
occurring (verb present participle)
occurs (verb present tense)

Definitions of occur

occur - verb
  1. come to pass
    - The meeting took place off without an incidence
    - Nothing occurred that seemed important
  2. come to one's mind; suggest itself
    - A great idea then came to her
  3. to be found to exist
    - precious stones occur in a large area in Brazil

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