negotiation - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of negotiation

निगोशीएशन / निगोशीऐशन


  1. व्यवसाय (m)
  2. व्यवहार (m)
  3. संधिक्रम
  4. समझौता (m)
  5. सौदा (m)
  6. सौदेबाज़ी (f)
  7. समझौता वार्ता
  8. कौल और करार
  9. मोल तोल
  10. पण
  11. परक्रामण
  12. बातचीत (f)
  13. मुआमला

Inflected forms

negotiations (noun plural)

Definitions of negotiation

negotiation - noun
  1. a discussion intended to produce an agreement
    - they disagreed but kept an open dialogue
    - talks between Israelis and Palestinians
  2. the activity or business of negotiating an agreement; coming to terms

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