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  1. गुणज (m)
  2. ऐसी संख्या जो कि दूसरे से पूरा पूरा भाग हो सके
  3. अपवर्त्य
  4. गुणाकार


  1. विभाज्य
  2. विभिन्न
  3. विविध
  4. बहुखंडीय
  5. बहु
  6. बहुल

Inflected forms

multiples (noun plural)

Definitions of multiple

multiple - adjective
  1. having or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual
    - multiple ownership
    - made multiple copies of the speech
    - his multiple achievements in public life
    - her multiple personalities
    - a pineapple is a multiple fruit
multiple - noun
  1. the product of a quantity by an integer

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