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Pronunciation of likely



  1. संभावना के साथ


  1. आशाजनक
  2. उपयुक्त
  3. सम्भव
  4. होनहार
  5. होनेवाला


  1. संभावना के साथ
  2. कदाचित
  3. संभवतः
  4. संभावित
  5. संभाव्य
  6. होने के योग्य

Inflected forms

likelier (adjective comparative)
likeliest (adjective superlative)

Definitions and Meaning of likely in English

likely - adjective
  1. has a good chance of being the case or of coming about
    - she is likely to forget
    - a likely place for a restaurant
    - the broken limb is likely to fall
    - rain is likely
    - a likely topic for investigation
    - likely candidates for the job
  2. likely but not certain to be or become true or real
    - he foresaw a probable loss
  3. expected to become or be; in prospect
  4. within the realm of credibility
likely - adverb
  1. with considerable certainty; without much doubt
    - in all likelihood we are headed for war

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