legitimate - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of legitimate

लजिटमट / लिजिटमेट


  1. जायज
  2. तर्कसंगत
  3. न्यायसंगत
  4. न्याय्य
  5. वैध
  6. सच्चा
  7. औरस
  8. विधि सम्मत
  9. विधि संगत
  10. असल
  11. उचित
  12. कानूनी
  13. खरा


  1. वैध करना

Inflected forms

legitimated (verb past tense)
legitimating (verb present participle)
legitimates (verb present tense)

Definitions of legitimate

legitimate - adjective
  1. of marriages and offspring; recognized as lawful
  2. based on known statements or events or conditions
  3. in accordance with recognized or accepted standards or principles
  4. authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law
legitimate - verb
  1. make legal
  2. show or affirm to be just and legitimate
  3. make (an illegitimate child) legitimate; declare the legitimacy of (someone)

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