irrational - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of irrational



  1. ज्ञानरहित
  2. बेसमझ
  3. मूर्ख
  4. अतार्किक
  5. तर्कहीन
  6. विवेकरहित
  7. अचेतन
  8. अज्ञानी
  9. अनजान
  10. अविवेकी

Inflected forms

irrationals (noun plural)

Definitions of irrational

irrational - adjective
  1. not consistent with or using reason
    - irrational animals
  2. real but not expressible as the quotient of two integers
irrational - noun
  1. a real number that cannot be expressed as a rational number

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