hold on - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of hold on


  1. जिन्दा रहना


  1. रुकना
  2. सँभालना
  3. अनुसरण करना
  4. लगे रहना
  5. करते रहना
  6. दबा कर रखना
  7. पकड़े रखना
  8. जिन्दा रहना
  9. पकड़े हुए रखना
  10. पकड़ना
  11. रखना

Definitions of hold on

hold on - verb
  1. hold firmly
  2. stop and wait, as if awaiting further instructions or developments
  3. be persistent, refuse to stop
    - The child persisted and kept asking questions
  4. hold the phone line open
  5. retain possession of
    - She kept her maiden name after she married

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