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Pronunciation of hearty



  1. बलवान
  2. व्यवसायिक
  3. सच्चा
  4. हार्दिक
  5. हट्टा कट्टा
  6. हृदय से
  7. उद्योगी
  8. जोरावर
  9. दिली
  10. फुरतीला
  11. बलदायक

Inflected forms

heartier (adjective comparative)
heartiest (adjective superlative)
hearties (noun plural)

Definitions of hearty

hearty - adjective
  1. showing warm and heartfelt friendliness
    - a hearty welcome
  2. providing abundant nourishment
    - good solid food
    - ate a substantial breakfast
    - four square meals a day
  3. endowed with or exhibiting great bodily or mental health
  4. consuming abundantly and with gusto
  5. without reservation

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