gentle - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of gentle

जेन्टल / जेनल


  1. उमरा


  1. विनीत
  2. शांत
  3. शिक्षित
  4. सज्जन
  5. अच्छा
  6. सभ्य
  7. आहिस्ता
  8. सीधा
  9. सुकुमार
  10. कुलीन
  11. सुशील
  12. कोमल
  13. सौम्य
  14. दयालु
  15. हल्का
  16. धीमा
  17. हल्की
  18. नम्र
  19. विनम्र
  20. प्रतिष्ठित
  21. शरीफ़
  22. भद्र
  23. भला
  24. मंद
  25. मामूली


  1. ऊंचा करना
  2. उदार बनाना

Inflected forms

gentler (adjective comparative)
gentlest (adjective superlative)
gentles (noun plural)
gentled (verb past tense)
gentling (verb present participle)
gentles (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of gentle in English

gentle - adjective
  1. soft and mild; not harsh or stern or severe
    - a vein of gentle irony
    - poked gentle fun at him
  2. having or showing a kindly or tender nature
    - her gentle manner was comforting
    - a gentle sensitive nature
    - gentle blue eyes
  3. quiet and soothing
    - a gentle nocturne
  4. belonging to or characteristic of the nobility or aristocracy
    - aristocratic Bostonians
    - aristocratic government
    - a blue family
    - blue blood
    - the blue-blooded aristocracy
    - of gentle blood
    - patrician landholders of the American South
    - aristocratic bearing
    - aristocratic features
    - patrician tastes
  5. easily handled or managed
  6. having little impact
    - gentle rain
    - a gentle breeze
    - a soft (or light) tapping at the window
  7. marked by moderate steepness
    - a gentle slope
gentle - verb
  1. cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of
  2. give a title to someone; make someone a member of the nobility
  3. stroke soothingly

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