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  1. प्लावी
  2. यायावर
  3. तैरता हुआ
  4. चल पूंजी
  5. अल्पकालिक
  6. अस्थायी
  7. अस्थिर
  8. चल
  9. चलायमान
  10. तैरता
  11. तैरनेवाला
  12. प्लव-
  13. प्लवमान

Definitions and Meaning of floating in English

floating - adjective
  1. borne up by or suspended in a liquid
    - floating logs
    - floating seaweed
  2. continually changing especially as from one abode or occupation to another
    - the floating population
    - vagrant hippies of the sixties
  3. inclined to move or be moved about
  4. (of a part of the body) not firmly connected; movable or out of normal position
    - a floating kidney
  5. not definitely committed to a party or policy
floating - noun
  1. the act of someone who floats on the water

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