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Pronunciation of dream



  1. सपना (m)
  2. स्वप्न (m)
  3. महत्वाकांक्षा (f)
  4. ख़्वाब (m)


  1. सुन्दर
  2. स्वादिष्ट


  1. सोचना
  2. कल्पना करना
  3. स्वप्न देखना
  4. सपना देखना

Inflected forms

dreams (noun plural)
dreamed, dreamt (verb past tense)
dreaming (verb present participle)
dreams (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of dream in English

dream - noun
  1. a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep
  2. imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake
  3. a cherished desire
  4. a fantastic but vain hope (from fantasies induced by the opium pipe)
  5. a state of mind characterized by abstraction and release from reality
  6. someone or something wonderful
dream - verb
  1. have a daydream; indulge in a fantasy
  2. experience while sleeping
    - He dreamt a strange scene

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