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Pronunciation of dominate

डामनेट / डामनैट


  1. प्रभुत्व रखना
  2. हावी होना
  3. प्रमुख होना


  1. शासन करना
  2. अधिकार रखना
  3. वर्चस्व रखना
  4. छा जाना
  5. प्रभुत्व रखना
  6. हावी होना
  7. प्रमुख होना

Inflected forms

dominated (verb past tense)
dominating (verb present participle)
dominates (verb present tense)

Definitions of dominate

dominate - verb
  1. be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance
    - Hispanics predominate in this neighborhood
  2. be in control
  3. have dominance or the power to defeat over
    - The methods can master the problems
  4. be greater in significance than
  5. look down on

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