disguise - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of disguise



  1. बहाना


  1. छद्मवेश
  2. छलकपट
  3. भेष
  4. वेश
  5. स्वांग (m)
  6. भेस
  7. छद्म वेष
  8. वेष परिवर्तन


  1. छिपाना
  2. भेष बदलना
  3. मतवाला करना
  4. रूप बदलना

Inflected forms

disguises (noun plural)
disguised (verb past tense)
disguising (verb present participle)
disguises (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of disguise in English

disguise - noun
  1. an outward semblance that misrepresents the true nature of something
  2. any attire that modifies the appearance in order to conceal the wearer's identity
  3. the act of concealing the identity of something by modifying its appearance
disguise - verb
  1. make unrecognizable
    - We disguised our faces before robbing the bank

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