defiance - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of defiance



  1. धमकी (f)
  2. ललकार (f)
  3. सामना (m)
  4. अक्खड़पन (m)
  5. अवज्ञा
  6. चुनौती
  7. ललकार
  8. आज्ञा न मानना
  9. अनादर (m)
  10. अवक्षा
  11. अवज्ञा (f)
  12. चुनौती (f)
  13. छेड़छाड़

Inflected forms

defiances (noun plural)

Definitions of defiance

defiance - noun
  1. intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude
  2. a hostile challenge
  3. a defiant act

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