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Pronunciation of course

कॉर्स / कोर्स


  1. सिलसिला (m)
  2. जलमार्ग
  3. स्तर (m)
  4. तह (f)
  5. शृंखला
  6. दिशा (f)
  7. चाल चलन
  8. दौड़ (f)
  9. नियम
  10. पथ (m)
  11. अध्ययन (m)
  12. अवधि (f)
  13. पाठ्यक्रम (m)
  14. घुड़ दौड़ का मैदान
  15. प्रगति (f)
  16. जीवन का ढंग
  17. कार्यप्रणाली
  18. प्रवाह (m)
  19. कार्यवाही (f)
  20. कोर्स (m)
  21. मार्ग (m)
  22. क्रम (m)
  23. मैदान (m)
  24. रास्ता (m)
  25. गति
  26. श्रेणी (f)


  1. अवश्य


  1. चलना
  2. पार करना
  3. दौड़ना
  4. पीछा करना
  5. शिकार करना
  6. आखेट करना
  7. तेज चलना
  8. बहना
  9. वेग से चलना
  10. पीछे दौड़ना
  11. खदेड़ना

Inflected forms

courser (adjective comparative)
courses (noun plural)
coursed (verb past tense)
coursing (verb present participle)
courses (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of course in English

course - adverb
  1. as might be expected
course - noun
  1. education imparted in a series of lessons or meetings
    - flirting is not unknown in college classes
  2. a connected series of events or actions or developments
    - historians can only point out those lines for which evidence is available
  3. general line of orientation
    - the northeastern trend of the coast
  4. a mode of action
    - once a nation is embarked on a course of action it becomes extremely difficult for any retraction to take place
  5. a line or route along which something travels or moves
    - the track of an animal
    - the course of the river
  6. a body of students who are taught together
  7. part of a meal served at one time
  8. (construction) a layer of masonry
  9. facility consisting of a circumscribed area of land or water laid out for a sport
    - the course was less than a mile
course - verb
  1. move swiftly through or over
  2. move along, of liquids
    - the Missouri feeds into the Mississippi
  3. hunt with hounds

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