contingent - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of contingent



  1. श्रेणी
  2. सैन्यदल (m)
  3. टुकड़ी (f)
  4. सैन्य दल (m)
  5. टुकड़ी (f)
  6. दल (m)
  7. दस्ता (m)


  1. दैववश
  2. निर्भर
  3. प्रासंगिक
  4. संभाव्य
  5. अनिश्चित
  6. आकस्मिक

Inflected forms

contingents (noun plural)

Definitions of contingent

contingent - adjective
  1. possible but not certain to occur
  2. determined by conditions or circumstances that follow
  3. uncertain because of uncontrollable circumstances
contingent - noun
  1. a gathering of persons representative of some larger group
  2. a temporary military unit

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