cheerful - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of cheerful

चिर्फल / चीर्फल


  1. ताज़गी देनेवाला


  1. उल्लसित
  2. उल्लासित
  3. चमकीला
  4. प्रफुल्ल
  5. प्रसन्न
  6. मग्न
  7. सहर्ष
  8. सुंदर
  9. सुखद
  10. हँसमुख
  11. हंसमुख
  12. हर्ष
  13. ख़ुशदिल
  14. आनंददायक
  15. आनंदित
  16. ताज़गी देनेवाला
  17. आनन्दित
  18. आरामदायक

Inflected forms

cheerfuller (adjective comparative)
cheerfullest (adjective superlative)

Definitions of cheerful

cheerful - adjective
  1. being full of or promoting cheer; having or showing good spirits
    - a cheerful greeting
    - a cheerful room
    - as cheerful as anyone confined to a hospital bed could be
  2. pleasantly (even unrealistically) optimistic

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