banal - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of banal

बनाल / बेनल


  1. अधम
  2. घिसा-पिटा
  3. तुच्छ
  4. नीच
  5. मामूली
  6. साधारण
  7. सामान्य
  8. अत्यंत साधारण
  9. घिसा पिटा

Inflected forms

banaler (adjective comparative)
banalest (adjective superlative)

Definitions of banal

banal - adjective
  1. repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse
    - his remarks were trite and commonplace
    - hackneyed phrases
    - a stock answer
    - repeating threadbare jokes
    - parroting some timeworn axiom
    - the trite metaphor `hard as nails'

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