awe - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of awe

आ / ऑ / ऑ


  1. धाक (f)
  2. भय
  3. रोब (m)
  4. विस्मय (m)
  5. आदर (m)
  6. डर (m)
  7. त्रास (m)


  1. विस्मयाकुल कर देना
  2. डराना

Inflected forms

awes (noun plural)
awed (verb past tense)
awing (verb present participle)
awes (verb present tense)

Definitions of awe

awe - noun
  1. an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration
  2. a feeling of profound respect for someone or something
    - the Chinese reverence for the dead
    - the French treat food with gentle reverence
    - his respect for the law bordered on veneration
awe - verb
  1. inspire awe in

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