adolescent - meaning in Hindi

Pronunciation of adolescent

ऐडलेसन्ट / ऐडोलेसन्ट


  1. नवयुवक
  2. नवयुवती (f)
  3. तेरह से उन्नीस वर्ष की आयु का
  4. किशोर कालीन


  1. किशोर
  2. तरुण
  3. बचकाना
  4. युवक
  5. तेरह से उन्नीस वर्ष की आयु का
  6. किशोर कालीन

Inflected forms

adolescents (noun plural)

Definitions and Meaning of adolescent in English

adolescent - adjective
  1. relating to or peculiar to or suggestive of an adolescent
  2. being of the age 13 through 19
    - the teen years
  3. displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity
    - jejune responses to our problems
    - their behavior was juvenile
    - puerile jokes
  4. in the state of development between puberty and maturity
adolescent - noun
  1. a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity

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