humble - meaning in Telugu

Pronunciation of humble



  1. ఆణుకువగల
  2. విధేయుడైన
  3. వినయముగల


  1. అణగదొక్కుట
  2. అణుచుట

Inflected forms

humbler (adjective comparative)
humblest (adjective superlative)
humbled (verb past tense)
humbling (verb present participle)
humbles (verb present tense)

Definitions of humble

humble - adjective
  1. low or inferior in station or quality
    - a lowly parish priest
    - a modest man of the people
    - small beginnings
  2. marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant or prideful
    - essentially humble...and self-effacing, he achieved the highest formal honors and distinctions
  3. used of unskilled work (especially domestic work)
  4. of low birth or station (`base' is archaic in this sense)
    - of humble (or lowly) birth
humble - verb
  1. cause to be unpretentious
  2. cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of

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