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Pronunciation of storm

ஶ்டோர்ம / ஸ்டார்ம


  1. சூறாவளி
  2. புயல்
  3. பயல்

Inflected forms

storms (noun plural)
stormed (verb past tense)
storming (verb present participle)
storms (verb present tense)

Definitions and Meaning of storm in English

storm - noun
  1. a violent weather condition with winds 64-72 knots (11 on the Beaufort scale) and precipitation and thunder and lightning
  2. a violent commotion or disturbance
    - it was only a tempest in a teapot
  3. a direct and violent assault on a stronghold
storm - verb
  1. behave violently, as if in state of a great anger
  2. take by force
  3. rain, hail, or snow hard and be very windy, often with thunder or lightning
  4. blow hard
  5. attack by storm; attack suddenly

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