easy - meaning in Tamil

Pronunciation of easy



  1. எளிது


  1. எளிதான
  2. சுலபமான

Inflected forms

easier (adjective comparative)
easiest (adjective superlative)

Definitions and Meaning of easy in English

easy - adjective
  1. posing no difficulty; requiring little effort
    - an easy problem
    - an easy victory
    - the house is easy to heat
    - satisfied with easy answers
    - took the easy way out of his dilemma
  2. not hurried or forced
    - at a leisurely (or easygoing) pace
  3. free from worry or anxiety
    - an easy good-natured manner
    - by the time the chsild faced the actual problem of reading she was familiar and at ease with all the elements words
  4. affording pleasure
  5. having little impact
    - gentle rain
    - a gentle breeze
    - a soft (or light) tapping at the window
  6. readily exploited or tricked
    - an easy mark
  7. in fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich
    - easy living
    - a prosperous family
    - his family is well-situated financially
    - well-to-do members of the community
  8. marked by moderate steepness
    - a gentle slope
  9. affording comfort
  10. casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior
    - he was told to avoid loose (or light) women
    - wanton behavior
  11. less in demand and therefore readily obtainable
  12. obtained with little effort or sacrifice, often obtained illegally
easy - adverb
  1. with ease (`easy' is sometimes used informally for `easily')
    - was easily confused
    - he won easily
    - this china breaks very easily
    - success came too easy
  2. without speed (`slow' is sometimes used informally for `slowly')
    - go easy here--the road is slippery
    - glaciers move tardily
    - please go slow so I can see the sights
  3. in a relaxed manner; or without hardship

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